Human Resources

Our objective is to enhance both behavioural and professional knowledge and skills of our employees through means of development we offer, develop a performance-based pricing model, consistently elevate occupational efficiency and provide career opportunities for the sake of offering high-quality products and services for customers.


Human Resources Policy is built upon

  • Attracting human sources equipped with qualifications demanded by the job competencies and the position,
  • Fostering a sound communication and motivation aura,
  • Supporting our employees through HR system and applications,
  • Further developing employees through corporate means and benefits, and routing them to constant achievement,
  • Recognizing the success,
  • Securing the development and progression of our employees.

Our current and future employees are expected to be inclined to consistent development, learning and self-adaptation for alignment to our corporate culture.

A dynamic human resources framework pursuing the common values of our enterprise, believing in teamwork, consistently acting straightforward and transparent in tasks and responsibilities assumed, being in constant development, innovative, producing creative ideas and acting responsibly towards the environment and society during all these processes.